My performance activities this week

Tuesday 11: The Baitong Ukulele Circle, 7.30 – 9 pm. It’s growing! Check out our humble Facebook page. A chance for uke players of all levels, from beginner to over-achiever, to come and share, learn, show off, whatever… over a civilised drink or two. Bring a uke if you have one, bring two if you have two! For those of you who have none, there is at least one spare…… Baitong, #7, St 360. For more information:

Thursday 13: Bywater @ Baitong, a kind of open mic, Baitong, #7, St 360, 7.30 – 10.30 pm. For more information:

Friday 14: my very new band Moi Tiet! comes to the very new Slur Bar! St 172, near St 51. Genuine 100% original material, veering from rock to pop to soul to funk. Accept no substitutes. Featuring Jenna Holliday (Holliday in Cambodia), Andre Swart (Grass Snake Union, Kheltica), John Shakespear (Durian), Charles Villar (Musikero) and Scott Bywater (Cambodian Space Project, The Lazy Drunks, WASH). I got the Beatles, she got the Stones, everybody gets Moi Tiet! For more information:

Saturday 15: Cambodian Space Project, Equinox, St 278. From 9.30 pm. They’re only back in town briefly, so make the most of it.

Sunday 16: Sunday Sundowner Sessions at Rubies, cnr 19 & 240 Sts. Scoddy and a cast of thousands. Possibly Ziad’s last time… and we will draw a name out of a hat to choose the theme of the First Sunday special. Will it be Carole King? Will it be Englebert Humperdink? For more information:

Still to come in June: more Cambodian Space Project, some Up2U Mango and Lazy Drunks, and more Moi Tiet!

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