my performance activities this week

I’m having such a full week organising my projects that I missed my deadline for my gig guide. However:

Thursday 1: Bywater@Baitong, a kind of an open mic. Acoustic music, special guests, fine food. Baitong, #7, St 360, btw Norodom and 51. Expect performances by John Shakespear and Ukulele James Speck.

Friday 2: A brand new outfit, The Riverside Raybans, all about acoustic grooves and groovy rhythms and keeping the vocals lush. Ukulele James Speck, Luis Arambarri, Adrien Gayraud join me in a grab bag of fun, featuring a heartfelt tribute to the late JJ Cale.

Saturday 3: Moi Tiet! returns to Equinox armed with a drummer, a sax player, and a growing following! Catch us for our only performance in August.

Sunday 4: Sunday Sundowner Sessions from 4 – 7 pm at Rubies, cnr 19 & 240 Sts. Back after a week off for elections. It should be theme weekend, but it’s been hectic. Probably a JJ Cale theme given I’ll be doing that on Friday as well. Scoddy and a cast of thousands. Well, dwindling thousands, given the time of year. But good quality thousands.

Coming soon: more and (NEW) WASH, the VIBE MUSIC FEST at Doors, rockabilly with Joe Wrigley & the Jumping Jacks, more Riverside Raybans. A big month in August, who needs a low season?

all these and much, much more around town this week can be searched through the voluminous weekly music listings at And then check and sign up at for the arts scene in Cambodia.

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