my performance activities this week

Thursday 8: Bywater@Baitong, a kind of an open mic. Acoustic music, special guests, fine food. Baitong, #7, St 360, btw Norodom and 51. This week I’m handing over to my good mate Joe Wrigley to ease you into the country style…

Friday 9: The brand new Riverside Raybans, all about acoustic grooves and groovy rhythms and keeping the vocals lush. Ukulele James Speck, Luis Arambarri, Adrien Gayraud join me in a grab bag of fun, featuring lots of JJ Cale and originals. Paddy Rice, Sisowath & 136, from 9 pm.

Sundays at Rubies are no more, as Rubies is no more, but very soon we will have a new venue for our Sundowner Sessions. Watch this space (and other spaces, obviously).

Every Tuesday: The Baitong Ukulele Circle, 7.30 – 9 pm. A chance for uke players of all levels, from beginner to over-achiever, to come and share, learn, show off, whatever… over a civilised drink or two. Bring a uke if you have one, bring two if you have two! For those of you who have none, there is at least one spare…… Baitong, #7, St 360. Technically it’s not really performance, but it’s a public activity, so….. for more information:

Coming soon: more and (NEW!) WASH, the VIBE MUSIC FEST at Doors, rockabilly with Joe Wrigley & the Jumping Jacks, and the Cambodian Space Project to boot.

all these and much, much more around town this week can be searched through the voluminous weekly music listings at And then check and sign up at for the arts scene in Cambodia.

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