a couple of reviews of Triptych by WASH


“I’m not a big fan of spoken-word but Scott Bywater’s delivery is a delight … his stream-of-consciousness presentation with a low-key Antipodean accent is easy to follow and rather hypnotic … helped by the combination of music (especially guitar), beats, and field-recordings that form the walls-of-sound that back him.”


“On top of this, Scott Bywater’s gentle, wry yet passionate words float over the top  in a way that reminded me of Harold Budd’s By the Dawn’s Early Light or even, perversely, of Jim Morrison on his posthumous An American Prayer.

Underneath the evocations of  the Phnom Penh twilight world of watching the river turn incandescent from a balcony, modulating synths and textures reach an understated epiphany.”

Sample and/or purchase (pay what you want) at http://washcollaboration.bandcamp.com/

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