as the winter approaches…

A November round up:

Last month returned to making lo-fi video, with this recent song… Retrospectacles video.
Audio only link here:

Also put together this for dUX, a Nantes band of a funky blues style, with whom I’ve been doing some guest appearances, voice and harmonica.  dux -Panettone video

Here are some other recent song demos that have made their way to Soundcloud.

Live performances coming up:

Solo (w/ Ol’Nag and dUX), Cafe du Havre, Oudon, 7 November, 9 pm    details
Solo (w/ dUX), Le Triolet, Nantes, 29 November, 9 pm (as part of   details
Solo, Zygo Bar, Nantes, 18 January, 7.30 pm
Solo (w/ Stick and Twine), Le Triolet, Nantes, 21 February, 9 pm  details

Finally, a little show reel has been added to this site:


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