3 thoughts on “at last: From Shore to Shore, 13 track album

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  2. Scot
    Just bought your album and it was harder to get it onto my ITunes Library than some of your
    songs I bootlegged from UTube/SoundCloud which I have been listening to over the past 18 months on my IPod. In my defence I was forced to do it as there were no official releases that could be purchased. As some kind of recompense I donated US$20 hoping you will not pursue the matter with the Phnom Penh constabulary ( Who I would bribe anyway to get them off my back) Should you not think my donation is fair I am prepared to buy you a glass of red wine when next I go to one of your gigs in the Penh
    Good luck with the album
    Barrie Brown
    PS I was a little peeved you did not include “Flying into Pochentong” on the album albeit I do have a bootleg version….

    Sent from my iPad

    • no worries Barrie, I can’t blame you for bootlegging when there’s no official product. rest assured that you are not alone in missing Pochentong, and it will most certainly be part of the next project which will be commenced in the coming months. thanks for your support, and see you next time

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