a closer look at my week: Sunday

Sunday 9: the Sunday Sundowner Sessions at Tacos Kokopelli, 5 pm

[My weekly performance schedule goes out with very little detail – this week I am filling in some of the gaps]

The longest running open mic in Phnom Penh started up at the now long-gone Rubies and moved to what was then the Alley Cat (now Tacos Kokopelli) around five years ago. There have been some lean times, but this event continues to be a high point of my week. I started it up because this is what I wanted to do on a late Sunday afternoon – play music with people who love to play music. My focus in open mics is to reduce the MAWGG factor (middle aged white guys playing guitar) by encouraging as many as possible to take part – fostering a wider community of performers and making the experience more enjoyable for the audience. Bands form, try themselves out, and come back to practice.  People get behind the microphone for the first time.  Folk sing along.  It’s a blast.

new sundowner happy

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