and the spinning spins on




hi guys, thanks for offering to help.  do as little or as much as you wish.  you are a collectively interesting range of people, and I am asking you to represent your own judgement and gut – articulated reasons are not necessary.

I have made a first selection of poems for a planned new publication (e + hard) that will include artwork and such.

The three files above are a (mostly) chronological ordering, a suggested alternative ordering, and some that I cut out of the initial selection for various reasons in order to keep the number not too far from 40.

What I need is some reactions to the selection:  should this one be left out?  is there too much repetition in style or theme, or are style and theme bunched up together and need thinning out?  is there a favourite of yours missing?  how is the overall flow?   is the chronological better than the alternative?  (yesterday it wasn’t, today it is).    is there an overconcentration of particular words (you know the ones: water, sky, blue, heart etc) in adjacent poems?

all suggestions are appreciated, will be treated respectfully, but may be ignored on various subjective  grounds.

bother me with questions.

thanks in advance





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