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Triptych: a WASH collaboration

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UPDATE: Triptych Reprise at Equinox Bar, Phnom Penh, Friday 10 May, from 9 (opening act UK singer/songwriter Joe Wrigley)

By way of explanation/what performed poetry in soundscape is:

I returned to writing poetry early in 2011, establishing a blog, thesilverpepperofthestars. Poems from this blog have been published in two volumes, a certain flow (2012) and one sky, many skies (2013).

This three-part work, Triptych, reflects recurring themes that have arisen over the past two years of poems:

Phnom Penh/earth
the art of travel/fire through air
the art of living/water

Each section is approximately 25-30 minutes long. There will be a short break between sections.

My poems are generally spontaneous, improvised, unpolished. They live, and are written, in moments. They are not often read aloud. Particular themes have become apparent over time, sometimes to the extent of being repetitive. Triptych seeks to draw out these themes and images through sonic, harmonic, rhythmic and visual expression, a collaboration at once structured and improvised.

It has already been an extraordinary experience to collaborate on creating this work with Phnom Penh residents Warren Daly, Alex Leonard and Hal FX, three highly accomplished and creative musicians, in this (for me) uncharted territory. Inspired by the music being created, artists Chhan Dina and Adriana Snochowska have contributed painted backdrops for the performance.

We are grateful for the great support we have received from Dana at Java Cafe in bringing this performance together.

my performance activities this week…. lots of them

Thursday 18: Bywater @ Baitong, a kind of open mic, Baitong, #7, St 360, 7.30 – 10.30 pm. Empty Phnom Penh special! As ever I’m particularly encouraging singers to come — the acoustics are nice — and make their Phnom Penh debut, or return. for more information:

Friday 19: 7.30 – 9 pm solo at Le Jardin, St 360. An early evening show in the open air, promises to be a treat. for more information:

Friday 19, 9 – late… one last Quality Drops show at Opera Cafe, St 13 near the National Museum. James Speck and RJ Marshall join me for a three-party harmony jam. I’ll be a bit late, though, on account of playing at Le Jardin. for more information:

Sunday 21: Sunday Sundowner Sessions at Rubies, corner 240 & 19. With the usual suspects. for more information:

Wednesday 24: WASH presents Triptych, performed poetry in electronic soundscape, Java Cafe, 7.30. and this one I’m particularly looking forward to: a collaboration with Warren Daly, Alex Leonard and Hal FX. for more information:

all these and much, much more around town this week can be searched through the voluminous weekly listings at

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I have been surprising myself
with the wholeness of the collected fragments;
also again discovering the absurdity
of the narrative

now swimming,
now drifting,
now both.
the strong current
means I can upstream
from morning coffee
to midnight snack
without moving,
or downstream
in an instant,
to the lip of the horizon,
far enough to see the next horizon

I have been surprising myself
with the resonance of collected themes;
the way the tune keeps changing
with the rhythms and the keys
but the harmonics still ring out

now walking,
now flying,
now standing still.

now swimming,
now drifting,
now diving.

now sitting,
now waiting,
now dreaming.